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Eunoia Mind Wellness Hub

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Eunoia started off as a service offering under our affiliated company, People Psyence®. It began with the desire to break the norm and change organisations’ perception towards mental health by advocating the implementation of well-being initiatives. Since then, we have successfully garnered attention of HR practitioners and senior leaders of various organisations.

However, the road was not always smooth. Although wellness is recently seen as “trendy”, it sparked a lot of doubts and concerns amongst organisations. Mental health, after all, is still heavily stigmatised in our society. 

In July 2019, Eunoia declared her independence so as to better focus on reaching out to more people. Eunoia grew so much more than we imagined. It is now a safe haven that connects people from all stages of life, an avenue to generate unconventional ideas to better raise awareness on mental health and an opportunity for us to spread happiness, love and care to people. 

Eunoia Mind Wellness

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