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Basic Health Screening [ALPS Medical Centre]


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Is this for me?

If you're in good health or just looking for a basic screen of your blood health, this is perfect for you. Covering all common bases, this will give you insight on your overall health. It identifies early signs of blood, kidney, liver, cholesterol, pancreas, joint and thyroid health; helping you take preventative cautious measures to ensure you remain healthy. *Highly recommended for anyone – young or old. Suitable for people with personal history or family history of any illnesses.

What does it involve?

Blood Screening

Full Blood Count

Diabetes Screening

▸ Diabetes Screening Test (include HbA1c)
Fasting blood glucose, HbA1C

This test tells you how much sugar you have circulating in your body. Higher sugar (glucose) predisposes you to diabetes. This test includes HbA1C, which helps diagnose diabetes and prediabetes. It can also guide patients already on existing diabetes sugar-lowering medications.

Lipid Assessment

▸ Lipid Function Profile
Total cholesterol; Triglycerides; LDL; HDL; Total cholesterol/HDL ratio

This is an in depth test showing levels of various cholesterols and fatty acids in your blood. High cholesterol predisposes to heart disease, stroke and diabetes. This test is also helpful to guide patients on existing cholesterol lowering medication – to gauge if they are on adequate medication.

Liver Function

▸ Liver Function Test
ALT (SGPT); AST (SGOT); GGT; Total protein; Albumin; Globulin; ALP; Bilirubin (total)

This test gives an overview of liver function: highlighting your body's nutrition status, protein content, liver enzyme function and ability to excrete your body's toxins and waste. It detects any early signs of liver dysfunction.

Kidney Function

▸ Renal Function Profile
Sodium; Potassium; Chloride; Urea; Creatinine; Phosphate; Calcium

This test gives an overview of kidney health: highlighting early signs of reduced kidney function, body electrolyte content, mineral content and hydration level.

Urine Analysis

▸ General Urinalysis (FEME)
urinalysis: appearance, colour, pH, protein, glucose, ketones, blood, WBC, RBC, epithelial cells, crystal, cast, bilirubin, urobilinogen, nitrite, leukocytes

This test gives a comprehensive overview of your kidney health. Abnormalities can highlight early signs of urinary tract dysfunction, diabetes or liver dysfunction.

Gout Screening

▸ Uric Acid

This test detects high levels of uric acid in the blood, which could be a sign of gout. It is also vital to monitor uric acid levels when undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer.

Osteoporosis Screening

▸ Mineral Studies

Measures levels of minerals in the blood to ensure adequate amounts. Minerals are essential for enzymes involved in metabolism.

Consultations & Report

▸ Typed Medical Report

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