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Well Woman (Above 40) [Prince Court Medical Centre]

  • Hospital: Prince Court Medical Centre



General Assessment

▸ Physical Examination
▸ Vital Signs Monitoring (Blood Pressure, Pulse, Temperature)
▸ Pure Tone Audiometry
Body Fat Analysis

Blood Screening

Full Blood Count
Peripheral Blood Film

Diabetes Screening

Fasting Glucose

Lipid Assessment

Lipid Profile

Liver Function

 Liver Function Profile

Kidney Function

Renal Function Test

Urine Analysis

▸ None

Gout Screening

Uric Acid

Blood Grouping

▸ Blood Grouping (ABO & Rh)

Hepatitis Screening

▸ Hepatitis A Antibody Screening (IgG)
▸ Hepatitis B Screening (Surface Antigen & Antibody)
▸ Hepatitis C Antibody Screening ( IgG)

Thyroid Assessment

▸ Thyroid Function Test

Cardiac Screening

Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG)
▸ Exercise Stress Test with Report by Radiologist

Respiratory Assessment

Lung Function Test

Infectious Disease Screening

▸ HIV Screening (HIV-1 Antigen & HIV 1 and HIV 2 Antibody)

Eye Tests

Vision Testing

Cancer Screening

▸ Alpha Feto Protein (AFP)
▸ Pap Smear (Liquid-based Cytology)
▸ CA 125
▸ CA 153
▸ CA 199
▸ Carcinoembryonic (CEA)

Osteoporosis Screening

▸ Bone Metabolism Profile

Autoimmune Screening

▸Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor (RA)

Radiological Examination

▸ Chest X-Ray with Report by Radiologist
▸ Ultrasound Abdomen & Pelvis with Report Radiologist
▸ DEXA Scan (2 Region) with Report by Radiologist

Gastrointestinal Screening

▸ None

Consultations & Report

▸ Consultation by Doctor
▸ Explanation of Screening Report by Doctor


▸ Mammogram/Breast Ultrasound with Report by Radiologist
▸ Urine FEME


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